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The Cat In The Hat #1

W-- did you pay so much money for the dress at JCPenny? Walmart has the same dress for $10.00.
It is in the sky and gives us light. It only shines in the daytime.
It swims in the water.
I fell down and got a lump on my head.
Its ab--- time you got here!
Don't lie to me. T--- me the truth.
Here, th---, everywhere
J--- rope.
Is something wrong? No, n------ is wrong.
Get o--!
H---, there, everywhere
Here, there, every-----
I sh---- go to the party but I don't want to.
Playing outside is f..
Elizabeth is a very g... girl.
Dogs and .....
W--- did you say?
This t... these those
W--- do you want to go shopping?
S-- down, please.
Sh--- my shoes.
Don't be b--.
The door m-- says "Welcome Home."
You throw and catch it. It is a b---.
Can I have s--- ?
It sounds like the word ring but begins with a th---.
When it is raining, I wear a raincoat so I don't get w-- .
I live in a small h----.
I don't like the way he l---ed at me.
My parents. I have a father and a .
I have some----- for you.
Let's go outside to p---.
It is a sunny d--.
The winter is c--- . I need to wear a coat.
Can, c---- (auxiliary verb)
Make a w--- upon a star.