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US History Vocabulary Review

The process that allows citizens to approve or reject a law passed by a legislature
The movement that promoted the practice of never drinking alcohol
The process by which voters are given the power to remove public servants from office before their term ends
Tax requiring voters to pay a tax to vote
A railroad linking the East and the West
Soldiers killed, wounded, and missing during a military conflict
A writer who uncovers and exposes misconduct in politics or business
A law that established the Federal Reserve Board and placed the national banks under their control
The ideal of an imperial country removing raw materials from their colony and shipping them to the home country
The specific areas set aside by the government for the Indians' use
Stated a person was allowed to vote so long as his/her ancestor was allowed to vote before 1866
Program by Theodore Roosevelt with the goal of keeping the wealthy and powerful from taking advantage of small business owners and the poor
A policy aimed at increasing American investments in businesses and banks throughout Central America and the Caribbean
Tests to ensure a voter can read before he/she is allowed to vote
The belief that life consists of competitive struggles in which only the fittest survive
Land designated by the federal government for building schools, roads, and railroads
Goods usually defined as weapons and other articles used to fight a war
Another word for rebellion
The right to vote