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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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What is the third life cycle of a bee?
What does rows of wax cels make?
What does bees eat?
How many eggs does a queen bee lay?
Where do bees make there wax?
Where do bees live?
Who does bees sting when they try to come into the hive?
Where do bees build there hives?
Where does the queen bee lay the eggs?
What is the first life cycle of a bee?
What does bees use to build there hives?
In hot weather bees quickly do what?
What are hives good for?
What is a bee called that only lay eggs?
Why do bees fan the hives?
Worker bees feed what bees?
What is an adult female bee that does not lay eggs called?
Who protects the hive?
What is the fourth life cycle of a bee?
What does bees shape their wax into?
What is the second life cycle of a bee?