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History of Theatre

The theater type where the audience surrounds the stage
Conversation or interaction between 2 characters
The reason theatre and the world changed forever in the 20th Century
Chinese plays that included folk music and popular character types
Performers were divided into these during the Renaissance
Where English actors fled during the 17th Century
The capital of the Inca Empire
Italian's theatre form for the common people
West African storytellers
The Latin word that "play" comes from
This was first introduced in 1817 at London's Drury Lane Theatre
The first 'thespian'
Turkish shadow puppetry
Picture frame stage
A speech for one character
These types of dramas were written in the common language during Medieval times
Comedic stunts in Commedia dell'Arte
Someone who acts
Aztec songs
Theatre in France focused on this
Roman playwright who created the idea of subplot
In Greek theatre, they're used to sing or chant the script
The most notorious playwright
Introduced the idea of using more than one character during Greek times
This movement flourished in the 20th Century
One of the most popular forms of theatre in China
Public festivals in ancient China known for multiple theatrics
Maya dances that honored nobles
What the Greeks wore to symbolize a different character
Japanese version of puppet theatre