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AMERICAN HISTORY (Revolutionary War - Civil War)

Those wanting slavery to end
Soldiers in the colonial militia who were ready to fight at a minutes notice
People (native born) who wish to limit immigration
Land areas that are controlled by a government
Large buildings (apartments) where the poorest people live
Language used to influence a reader's opinion
Society levels based on econimic success
Reasons why people come to the U.S.
Neighborhood centers providing services for the poor (privately run)
Geographic area remaining loyal to the parrent country
Law of enslaving African Americans and their children
Rufusing to buy
Written laws or rules
Gift of land
The thought that the U.S. should extend its boundary to the Pacific Ocean
Land bought between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains
Reasons why people leave their native countries
Formal statement
One chamber ligislature
Stop fighting
Order in which something happens
Possession or Control of