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U.S. History: Lesson 4 Name: _____________________ Period____ Date_______

When he ran for president he promised to annex Texas and Oregon
One of the most famous "conductors" of the slave escape route was...
When the U.S. defeated the Mexican Army at Mexico City it became a...
This compromise in 1850 allowed this state to join the Union as a Free State
This book caused a sensation against slavery in North because it accurately portrayed the horrors of slavery life in the South. It was written by Harriet Beecher...?
This Compromise in 1820 banned slavery north of the 36 30 line
The idea that citizens of each territory should decide whether to allow slavery there
This was the term given to the efforts of people in the North to abolish slavery
This law allowed Southerners to travel into the Northern states to retrieve "run-a-away" slaves
This famous raid on the army post in Virginia known as the Harper's Ferry Arsenal was to capture weapons to arm the slaves and allow them to fight for their freedom against the South. It was led by?
This term is used to describe the how the historians of the 1830's to 1850's described the parts of the U.S. that were the North, South and the West
The belief that America was meant to extend to the Pacific Ocean
What was the name of the man who claimed that since he had once lived in a Free state he was no longer a slave
Powered by batteries and sent through wires, this invention transformed the new media industry and provided instant communication
A typical period of service to a owner was 4-7 years, enough to pay the cost of passage across the Atlantic to the English colonies
Anger over the Kansas-Nebraska Act led to the formation of what political party?
The result of Abraham Lincoln being elected president in 1860 forced many Southern states to use this action in leaving the United States and becoming the Confederate States of America
This form of service known as slavery was unlike that in Africa because instead of 4-7 years it was forever
The reaction of the Northern states to passage of the Fugitive Slave Act