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World History U1 Vocabulary

A command or order
Change of government by force
Worship and belief in one god
The practice of marrying only one person at a time
High government official; minister of state
The worship or belief in more than one god
A ruler; governor of a province under the ancient Persians
Before the flood
To develop gradually; work out; unfold
Moving in cycles; occurring repeatedly at regular intervals
Belonging to the same period of time; coexistent
Treating a dead body in such a way that it is preserved
The development of an individual organism or the history of its development.
A deposit of soil that collects at the mouth of a river
Movement downward from one stage to another
A four-sided shaft with a top shaped like a pyramid
Equally poised between good and evil. A theological term
Having to do with the ancient Egyptian form of simplifed writing
A government in which a god is the supreme civil ruler.
A picture of symbol standing for a word, idea, or sound
Mankind's cooperation to develop arts, sciences, and refinements such as economy, politics, and trade
The most perfect example of something
The ability to read and write
Wedge-shaped style of writing used in Sumer
The art of picturing objects to give the appearance of distance or depth
A noble whose wealth is derived from a more powerful lord.
Suitable for producing crops.