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preap history map terminology

A map that shows the physical features of an area
The distance above or below sea level
The western half of the Earth
An imaginary line that goes around the earth from the north to the south pole
This explains the meaning of symbols on a map
NW NE SW SE combined make what set of directions
A commpass that is found on a map that shows north, south, east, and west
The northern half of the Earth
Imaginary lines that go up and down
A figure that represents somthing on a map
Imaginary lines that go side to side
Somthing that depicts an area most commonly on a sheet of paper
A spherical map of the world
Halves of the earth
The southern half of the Earth
North south east and west combined are what
The eastern half of the Earth
A map that shows the political features of an area
The relationship between a measurement and the actual distance on the earth
An imaginary line that cuts halfway between the north and south poles