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12309 - Sea Survival

A flotation device designed to support a specified number of persons in the water
To list assembly points and duties
To attract attention and locate position
List of instructions to assist with survival in a liferaft
Very High Frequency
7 short rings followed by 1 long ring
Used to slow down the motion and drift in a liferaft
An electronic device designed to assist in locating and indentifying a vessel in distress
To remove water from life raft
Used to corrsctly identify a vessel
Runs the NZ Coordination Centre (RCC)
A fitting which can be found on both lifejackets and sea survival suits
Creates a dense orange smoke for three minutes
Manual pump used to inflate liferaft
Continuous ringing of bell or alarm
On hearing the emergency alarm, head to the ................
Provides support with its organisation. Has their own vessels, radio networks, operational rooms.
Pull on the ___________ until liferaft inflates.
To identify your vessel on a radio channel
A symptom of Hypothermia
Flotation Device
Distress Call
Absorb and mop up water
Emergency Position Indicating Beacon