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World History Vocabulary Ch. 1 Lesson 1

Skills and tools needed to survive.
Old Stone Age; first to make tools.
A group of states or territories controlled by one ruler.
When early man transformed to farming from a nomadic life and as a result they settled the first permanent villages and accumulated personal property.
Highly organized and complex societies, first developed near major rivers.
A political unit that includes a city and its surrounding lands and villages.
The study of past cultures through material remains, including buildings and artifacts.
Belief that the world was full of spirits and forces that might reside in animals, objects, or dreams.
Ways of life, from the past and present.
The spread of ideas, customs, and technologies from one group of people to another.
New Stone Age; made tools, began to develop new skills and technologies.
The study of the development of people and their societies.
Believing in many Gods, which they associated with natural forces.
Specially trained people who could read and write.
Items left from previous civilizations; clothing, coins, artwork.