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Flora and Fauna Fun

The endemic milk vetch named after a site in the park.
A wasp that is often confused for an ant, even in name.
Red beardtounges, part of the largest genus of flowering plants endemic to North America.
A fern found in the park but only at seep springs.
They may not play the trumpet but these ungulates can sure bugle.
Not whitetails but instead we have these dear animals in our park.
The sharp green succulent that is currently fruiting.
Smallest humming bird in NA, can be spotted here during its fall migration.
The fungus that is affecting the service-berries and soon the junipers.
Not only the best bear but also the only one found in the park.
Staple of the ancestral Puebloan diet.
Though this plant may seem like a grass it is actually more a kin to rhubarb. It can be used as food, dye or medicine.
Water indicating plant that is part of the Dandelion tribe housed under the sunflower family.
Like a ___ to flame