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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Elodea, Duckweed, Algae, Mosquito Fish, Snails, Isopods, and Crickets!

Teacher: Dave
When a female mosquito fish is ____________ a black spot called a gravid spot appears on each side of her body just above the rear fin.
A very young cricket has no ____________
Animals that eat other organisms such as plants, algae and other animals to survive are called _____________.
Because plants and algae use the process of photosynthesis to make their own food, they are called ______________.
Other names for this organism are pill bug, roly-poly, sow bug, and wood louse.
Aquatic plants take in this gas, ______________ and give off another gas, oxygen.
The tongue of the snail is called the ___________
Isopods need ______________ all the time in order to breathe through their gills
A mature isopod has ________ pairs of legs
Duckweed, elodea, and algae help to provide ____________ for aquatic animals.
Young mosquito fish are called _____________
A young isopod has ________ pairs of legs
Isopods are not __________, but they are closely related to shrimp, lobsters and crabs.
All living organisms are always using oxygen. This process is called _____________.
Mosquito fish and guppies do not lay eggs. Their young, or fry, are born alive. Therefore they are called ____________
The lateral lines on fish help to detect ______________ in the water.
The isopods skeleton is on the outside of its body like a suit of armor. In scientific terms this is called its _____________
Only the male cricket can ______________
Crickets rub their ___________ together to make their chirping sound.
The translation of this Greek or Latin word literally means "stomach foot."
The leaves of elodea plants grow around the stem in tight circles, or _____________. This is synonym for circles.
Just like the snail is the scavenger for the aquarium, the isopods are the __________ for the terrarium eating all the dead plants and animals.
Brown kelp is a type of _____________.
Duckweed plants consist of a root and a ______________
Because mosquito fish are _____________ it would not be a good idea to add them to an aquarium with other types, or species of fish.
This is the process by which plants and other organisms such as algae that have chlorophyll produce their own food and give off oxygen.
Snails belong to a large class of animals called ______________
Snails eat the dead plants and animals in your aquarium therefore they are called ______________
This is a person who studies insects
Respiration helps animals get __________.
The female crickets uses its ____________ to place her eggs in the ground.
This is another more scientific word for "land-living."
A very young cricket is called a ____________
_____________ is an unusual plant because it has no leaves or stems.
The cricket has 3 main body parts so it is classified as an _________
The eyes of the snail are found at the end of their ______________
The middle part of the cricket is called the ___________
These 2 projections sticking out of both males and females abdomens are used to detect vibrations