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The History of Barbering

Orientation To Barbering
Evolved from the technical procedures of bloodletting performed by the barber surgeons
Dentistry was performed by only barbers, and for than a thousand years they were known as
Derived from the latin tondere, "to shear"
Formation of employee organizations known as
The barber one historical figure whose work has was apparently held in such high esteem that his image was sculpted for posterity
Formation of employer organizations known as
Established Americas first barber school in Chicago, Illinois
Considered the greatest surgeon of the Renaissance period and the father of modern surgery
Means the cutting, clipping, or trimming of hair with shears or a razor
Represent barbershop and beauty salon owners and managers. ( Associated Master Barbers and Beauticians of America)
Sicily is credited with bringing shaving and barbering services to Rome in 296 BC