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US History U2

A soldier hired for pay by a foreign state.
If people are boycotting someone, they do not associate with him, or buy from or sell to him, and they try to keep others from doing so.
A government run by the people who are under it. In a democracy, the people rule either directly through meetings that all may attend or indirectly through the election of representatives.
A member of the political party that opposed the adoption of the Constitution of the United States before 1789.
An armed ship owned by private persons and holding a government commission to attack and capture enemy ships.
To settle (a quarrel or difference of opinion) by agreeing that each will give up a part of what he demands; come to terms about.
A person, group, or nation united with another for some special purpose.
The act or process of setting free from slavery of any kind; release.
A member of the political party in the United States that favored the adoption of the Constitution and later, the establishment of a strong central government. The party existed from about 1791 to 1816.
Confirmation; approval.
An American colonist who opposed independence for the American colonies at the time of the Revolutionary War; Tory.
An agreement, especially one between nations, signed and approved by each nation.