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Survey of Music History Fall 2019 EXAM ONE

Chant having more than one part that moves in free, parallel and florid styles.
The old school that did not employ duplums and only utilised the triplum (the more perfect rhythmic modes).
Rhythm was organized into six rhythmic _____.
Term referring to accidentals added to chant and early music
Compositional technique used to alternate notes between two parts.
Rhythmic formulas used in isorhythmic motets
Term applied to the melody in early motets
Italian collection of music (and art) in the Italian Trecento, the Squarcialupe _____.
One part song
Italian song in canon form
Musical theorist from Arezzo that created the sytem of solminasation and the musical staff. ______ of Arezzo.
French term for song, genrerally applied to secular sung pieces
Great book/collection of organum (s) and polyphony.
Leading Italian composer of the 14th century
Center fro French polyphonic song of the 13th and 14th centuries, known as the ____ ____ School.
12th century nun from Bingen, composer and mystic, known for her unique political power and her great compositions.
Popular French song (s) and poem used as an anagram of sins. The Roman de ______.
The new style or 'art' in the 13th century that employed duple rhythms as opposed to only utilizing the triplum. 1300-
Leading French composer of the 14th century
Style of composition that has many parts