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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Fourth Grade 2

A quick peek at something
The last exam of a semester is called a _________
Half of eighty
Bees make this
Coast ________
A dominos driver does this with your pizza
Past tense of can
Not a question, but the _______ to it
At a sporting event fans do this
Some cars now are this instead of being powered by gas
More than one, less than a few
Not silver
Simpler way of saying even though
Used to cross gaps
A task set by mom and dad to do around the house
Past tense of grow
Powers most cars
When you can't hear
___________ cheese, curds
Opposite of multiply
The opening of a letter
Fruit that is long, curved and yellow
Past tense of feel
Goats that fall over when scared do this
After third
Type of money that isn't made of paper
A hostile encounter between opposing military forces
One of the other of two
This flows in arteries and veins
Warriors have a code of ________
What you do with it when someone throws a ball to you
During the week you wake up _______ than the weekend
You will go to jail for committing one
Birds are covered in these
Past tense of choose
More than single
When you don't want your hair straight you do this to it
People who are lactose intolerant can't have this type of food
California is on the West _______
Some people grow their own vegetables in a _________
When everything matched but one
If your teeth are this way then you will get braces
Where you wait to cross a street
This wakes you up in the mornings
Half of one hundred
A person who asks for money on the streets
Having a job is a way to ________ money
A doctor looks after your body's ________
A baby cow