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The American Revolution

English Fort captured by the colonials whose cannons were used in the siege of Boston
1st battle of the shot heard round the world. Loss for the Americans
After this victory for America, France joined the revolution on the side of America
British Commander in charge at the battle of Yorktown
Rode through the night to Lexington to warn them the redcoats were coming
Leader of the continental army
This means being free from any foreign rule.
2nd battle of the Shot heard round the world. Victory for Americans
This battle ended in the surrender of Lord Cornwallis and the end of the Revolutionary War
Wrote the Declaration of Independence
Led the Green Mountain Boys
George Washington wintered his army here and the cold and small pox killed many of his men.
The law making body of England
A platform built for execution by hanging.
George Washington surprised these troops at Trenton New Jersey on Christmas Morning!