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Module 3: Lessons 1 & 2; Geography of the Fertile Crescent and The Sumerians

Date: __________________
Performed religious ceremonies; had great status in Sumer
The science of building
Countryside areas
A way of supplying water to an area of land
Land with different territories and people under a single ruler
Huge pyramid-shaped temple towers used to worship gods
An arrangement in which workers specialize in a particular job
The division of society by rank or class
One of Uruk's kings who became a legendary figure in Sumerian literature
Long poems that tell stories about heroes
Human-made waterways that bring water to fields
Early written communication using picture symbols such as a tree or animal
A leader who defeated the city-states of Sumer; built the new capital Akkad, and was the first ruler to have a permanent army
An organized society within a specific area
City areas
The world's first writing system; wedge-shaped symbols on clay tablets
A large arc of fertile farmland
The worship of many gods
More than is needed
A writer who kept track of business transactions
A mixture of rich soil and tiny rocks