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A quilt for a Country, Music for Mother, The immigrant Contribution and American History

What was Elena's school called
Korean, iraqi and latin American are examples of what kind of stores?
The boy Elena liked
What have all Americans been a descendent from?
Define-broken up into smaller groups
What month did the tragedy happen in a Quilt for our Country?
What are peoples attitude toward mixed marriages changed from incendiary to?
Define-groups of people that differs in some way from the larger population
What city did Elena live in?
What grade was Elena in?
Process of adapting to the culture of an adopted culture
Without a focus of hatred and distrust what would evaporate
Sudden urge to act
"hey ____, pump it girl"
What industry have immigrants contributed to that involves light?
Great happiness and excitement
My God in spanish
What kind of opportunity do people migrate to the U.S for?
What does she compare America to?
What was the building called Elena lived in?
What race was the majority of El building?
What industry have immigrants contributed to that involves cars
What was Eugene's moms job?
Coming together in one body or place
Define-Having multiple parts
Define-process of becoming a citizen
What state did Elena live in
Eagerly expected
Define- different in kind
When did the old man die {American History}
In what case has melting pot failed?
People who are offspring of an ancestor
How many people came to the United States after the Declaration of Independence?
Variety of different ethnic or cultural groups
How many people signed the Declaration of Independence?