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Photo History

Teacher: Mrs. Clark
Partnered with Niepce, and then after Niepce's death created the Daguerreotype (1839)
This company sold $535,000,000 worth of patents to try to pay off its debts and get out of bankruptcy. (2013)
Latin "to write"
Civil war photographer, father of photojournalism (1861-1865)
First person to try to capture color photography, but was unsuccessful (1848)
Originally Used By Artists to project an image onto a canvas
Credited with creating the color CCD which enables color digital photography (1975)
Film company and creator of the Optima camera brand
Created the worlds first permanent image. (1816-1825)
Kodak's brand of slide film that was produced for over 74 years and ceased production in 2009.
This brand of camera is know for its very high quality, and was taken to the moon to record the first moon landing.
The first Autofocus camera was produced by this company (1984)
A dud of an invention from Kodak (1996)
Created by Kodak, and Steven Sasson. Despite doing all of the research and development (R+D) Kodak was not the first person to bring this product to the marketplace (1975)
A development process where photographers were required to take their darkrooms with them to ensure the development process happened before the gelatin hardened. (1850's)
Created the calotype process which used paper negatives. Great concept, but lacked the quality needed. (1835-1841)
Functionally created the first movie by staging a series of cameras and trip wires to capture a galloping horse. (1878)
A metal picture of very high quality created by the paternership of Daguerre and Niepce (1835)
The camera that was marketed under the phrase "You press the button, we do the rest" (1888)
Invented by Kodak, and was originally brought to market to be a toy. This series of cameras had user-reloadable film. (1900)
Famous camera company that put aside working on their high quality cameras to find a way to get Jews out of Germany during WWII, ultimately saving countless lives.
Created the chemical that enabled an image to become permanent- or fixed. (1839)
An American camera and film company headquartered (HQ) in Rochester NY. This company is credited with bringing photography to the masses with their easy to use cameras.
Founded by Edwin Land, this company is known for instant photography. (1948)
Latin "light"
Mrs. Clarks favorite camera brand. Hint: See 24 Across