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Damiano History 1310 Test 1

New elite, leader of rebellion consisting of wealthy planters, whites with little to no land, some slaves, indentured servants; these people felt separated from the wealthy
Essentially a land grant; men who could pay their own way to Jamestown would get 50 acres of land per person they brought with them (children, wives, servants, etc.)
An economic theory held by Europeans in the 1500s; each nation's goal is to obtain as large share of wealth as possible
Part of Mississippian cultures; an advanced Native settlement from Ancient North America
Part of the Transatlantic Slave Trade; transported 8-10 million slaved by 1800
Built by French to challenge/undermine Spain; didn't work, Spanish attacked French here and left only a couple stragglers
Founded in 1621, established trading posts alongside the Hudson River for commerce and trade
Spanish crown grants Spanish lords parcels of land and control over the Natives who lived in that land; Natives had to pay a yearly tribute to the lords; eventually led to enslavement
When a woman loses her legal identity for the duration of marriage; loses option to own property, sue/be sued, make contracts
Jamestown winter (1609-1610) of food shortages that led the population to drop to 60; people had to eat acorns, tree roots, porridge (from boiled shirts), and even some resorted to cannibalism
High social standing through polite manners, appearance, bahvior
Set of laws placed regulating the interactions between slaves and citizens; ie. enslaved women are taxable, slavery is inheritable through the mother, interracial sex prohibited
Radical protestants that believed that the reformation of the Church of England didn't go far enough; believe in the importance of education and predestination
Successful preacher during the Great Awakening; took 7 sermon tours of North America between 1730-1740
Kidnapped and taken captive by Native Americans; wrote about her experiences as religious; work reemphasizes the divisions between natives and the English
Spoke against predestination, spoke to women and children; excommunicated from church and banned from Boston, moved to Rhode Island
Daughter of Powhatan; marries John Rolfe and is baptized as a Christian; creates temporary peace between colonists and natives
Christian movement; believed in individual relationships with God, passivism, and religious diversity and toleration