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Oklahoma History Ch. 1-4

Largest County in Oklahoma
Smallest county in Oklahoma
An animal spirit guide for some Native American cultures
First Govenor of the state of Oklahoma
An item made or used by people
The way of life of a group of people
Only river in Oklahoma that flows Northward
State Rock of Oklahoma
Largest Lake in Oklahoma
Spanish Conquistador who came to Oklahoma looking for the Seven Cities of Cibola
The average weather of an area over a long period of time
The study of Earth's physical features and how people interact with them
French explorer who established a trading post along the Red River
A group of people who share common traditions, beliefs, and patterns of living
A variety of different ideas, customs, skills, arts, foods and beliefs
Traces or remains of living things
Highest Point in Oklahoma
Oil Industry Worker
How high above sea level a certain point is
First Capitol of Oklahoma