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Ancient Greece Vocabulary

Teacher: Ms. Harvey
Soldiers on horseback
A government in which the ruling power is in the hands of a relatively small group
A great leader who re-built Athens and its democracy
A hill above a Greek city, where temples are built
A peninsula forming the southern part of Greece's mainland
A city-state of Ancient Greece that was the first to have a democracy
A famous Persian King and father -522-486-BCE
A government in which absolute ruling power is held by a person who is not a lawful king
Spartan money
A famous Persian King -486-465-BCE
A person who has rights and duties in a city-state or nation
A long, narrow body of water between Europe and Modern-day Turkey
A member of the most powerful class in ancient Greek society
A government in which power is held by the citizens to some extent
Temple of Athena at Athens
A government in which the ruling power is in the hands of one person
A group of citizens in Ancient Greece with the power to pass laws
Traditional story that helps explain a culture's beliefs
A decisive battle of the Persian Wars took place outside this town
A city-state of Ancient Greece known for its military power
A great ancient Greek philosopher and teacher