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Teacher: Luisa Frey
At the end of the book, T.Ray gets confused & thinks Lily is ______
It says in the book, "Colored women are the _______ rung on the totem pole." (pg 209)
_______ finally agrees to marry Neil.
May kills herself by _________ (verb, ends in ing)
This is a 2-day holiday Daughters of Mary celebrate in August: ______ of the Assumption
At the end there is a metaphor that compares all the Daughters of Mary to _____ shining over Lily
_______ of Mary show up when T.Ray tries to take Lily back home
August says, "Bees have a _____ life we don't know anything about."
At the end of the book, Lily _____ her mother
At the end of the book, T.Ray says that ______ killed Deborah by mistake
August says towards the book's end, that the only purpose in life is to ______ in love (pg 289)
After Lily forgives her mother, she wears her mother's _______ pin
August reveals she was the _______ for Lily's mom Deborah
Every bee has a _____ to play
Where Zach goes after his friends throw a bottle at a white man
May makes a marshmallow trail for _______
At the end of the book, Rosaleen finally becomes a registered ______
August tells Lily, "You have to find your mother inside ________." (pg 288)
"Don't ______ it up," wrote May in her suicide note.
_______ gave Lily's mom the picture of the Black Madonna