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History of Healthcare Test Review

Observed organisms; improved microscope
Time period that Trepanation was used to treat insanity, epilepsy, and headaches
Period of time when the study of medicine was prohibited
Structure of DNA
Which century did we begin to see formal training for nurses
Founder of Modern Nursing
One of the major inventions of the 18th Century
Known for his process of pasteurization and Germ Theory
Which group believed in "curing spirit and nourishing the body?"
Performed first successful heart surgery
Technique used by Ancient Egyptians used to treat illness
First to use antiseptic during surgery
"Father of Medicine"
Identified germ causing Tuberculosis
First Female Physician
During this time period, invention of the printing press provided first Anatomy Book
Name of a major epidemic that affected Europe and Asia during the Middle Ages
Known for his drawings of the anatomy of the body
Which group of people contributed to organized care for soldiers which led to first hospitals?