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Rocks & Minerals Crossword Puzzle

Texture of metamorphic rock in which the mineral grains are in planes or bands
Movement of sediment from one location to another
Rocks that form from cooled, solidified molten material.
Molten material inside the earth
Something that is not made of living organisms or the remains of living organisms
When the mineral grains in a rock are large enough to see without a magnifying glass
Rocks formed from heat, pressure, and or chemical changes
The breakdown of rock materials by physical or chemical (water, wind, ice, and heat) processes
The process by which sediments are glued together
Rock formation resulting from volcanic activity
This happens as more layers of sediment are deposited over old layers
Rocks where the individual grains are too small to see
Rock formation that is a result of cooled and solidified magma beneath the earth's surface
Remains of rocks after weathering occurs
The process by which sediments are laid down
Molten material near or at the surface of the earth
The various ingredients from which a substance is made up
Rocks formed from the process of WEDCC from fragments of other rocks
Rocks formed from the remains of once-living plants and animals
Nautally formed inorganic solid with a definite chemical structure.