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North African Popes, Saints, Leaders

Mrs. Dziadulewicz - Church History

Doctor of the Church who helped affirm that Christ was both God and man; assisted in drafting the Nicene Creed.
Saint whose writings, such as the treatise, "The Unity of the Catholic Church” are of great importance.
Miltiades was given this palace in Rome by Constantine; it first served as the papal residence and seat of Christian governance but is now an Archbasilica .
Thief, murderer and adulterer; once hid among monks to escape authorities just before his conversion; later became a priest and leader of a colony of desert hermits.
Mother of St. Augustine.
Best known for his key role in the Council of Ephesus.
Form of monasticism where monks live in community rather than seclusion.
Most famous pope and saint for decreeing that Easter be universally celebrated on Sunday.
Group of 12 Christians who were the first to be martyred in Africa.
First pope to be called "Vicar of Christ"; promoted a kind of separation of Church and state.
Considered the founder of cenobitic monasticism.
So impressed by Paul's teachings on virginity that she broke her own engagement and went on to live as a consecrated virgin and hermitess.
"Father of All Monks" who gave his life to witness of solitary asceticism, personal mortification and prayer.
A person who practices severe self-discipline and abstention for religious reasons.
Argued that unity is grounded in the authority of the bishop in his famous treatise, "The Unity of the Catholic Church."
Saint who is mentioned together with Perpetua in the Roman Canon of the Mass.
Active missionary who wrote widely, especially on the subject of the virgin birth of Christ; patron of fishermen.
A prostitute from age 12; 17 years later she received the Eucharist and chose the life of a hermit.
Member of Theban Legion, a unit of Christian soldiers from Africa who were massacred at Aaunum by Roman forces for disobeying orders that went against their Christianity.
Converted from a life of loose living and ambition; source of inspiration for those who struggle with a vice.