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Integrity in Action

Commitment to a task or purpose
Things that are important to the way a person lives and thinks
Teach, to impart knowledge
State of being the same in status, rights, and opportunities
Professional, ethical, respectful interactions
Honest, having strong moral principles, ethical
Provide guidance and direction from position of authority
Regard for the rights, traditions, and perspectives of another
Works together to achieve common goals
Being responsible to others and objectives
Be outstanding, better than average
Information acquired through experience and education
Inclusion of persons from varied cultures, backgrounds, gender, and/or race
Attentive and persistent effort
Something that is non-excludable and non-rivalrous
Command of a subject or skill
Meet or exceed laws, regulations, rules, or standards
Recognizes the worth of something or someone
Acts in accordance with moral principles, doing the right thing
Open and available, not hidden
Not deceptive, truthful
Governmental rules organizations must abide by
A type of code associated with academic integrity