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A short name for Margaret.
A lunar eclipse is when the moon passes thru the earth's ______.
Last name of Confederate General during the Civil War.
Name of the 1989 hurricane that damaged the Carolina's.
The flower that denotes love and passion.
Tree near water named Weeping.
Georg Burns would always say, 'Say Goodnight _____'
First name of the director of the movie 'JFK'.
A 1980's TV series 'Punky ______.
A flower used to play 'She loves me, She loves me not'
Easy, carefree, comfortable life phrase 'Life of ______.
______ Hawkins Day, where women ask men to dance.
What powers sailboats.
Second name of two states.
First name of fictional character in the movie 'Back to the Future'.
First name of the football analyst who was Bengals quarterback.
A song by Rod Stewart and the Beatles.
The first name of Christ's descendant in the movie 'Da Vinci Code'.
Female character in Disney's movie 'Beauty and the Beast'
First name of a Charles Dickens character in the novel of the same name.
The first sound a clock makes.
A piece of bread crust added to salads.
Name of the elf in the movie 'ELF'
A children's game 'Ring around the ____'.
Main character in the movie 'Blues Brothers'.
Last name of the president of Alphabet, INC.