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U.S History Review

These laws were meant to keep blacks and whites totally separate in the South.
Investigative journalists during the progressive era hired to expose corruption and unsafe working conditions
He assassinated President Lincoln.
Scottish immigrant who founded U.S Steel
A ___ tax required a person to pay to vote.
Cheap, unsafe apartment buildings in major cities.
This type of farming system developed was very similar to slavery.
Inventor who invented transcendent lightbulb
Southern states passed ____ Codes to limit African-Americans' freedom
When 1 company dominates an entire industry
Muckraker who published the book How the Other Half Lives
These groups of immigrants worked on transcontinental railroad starting from California and working eastward
Founded the Standard Oil Company, becomes one of the richest men in history
These were immigrant settlement houses founded by Jane Addams
Organization founded by W.E.B Dubois to fight against discrimination
This president was impeached by Congress for not following their plan for Reconstruction