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How Much Do You Know About GRRAND and Our Rescue Dogs?

Dogs look at their person as a member of their ____.
We take off our coats; goldens ____ their coats!
In a dog show, retrievers are shown in what category?
Goldens are frequently referred to as this material that interlocks when pressed together.
If a thief comes into your home a golden is likely to ____ him to death!
Dogs need exercise and mental ___________.
These volunteers use their "paws" to exercise our kenneled dogs. (two words)
The goal of our adoption coordinator is to _____the right dog to the right family.
What is the most significant cost category to rescue GRRAND dogs?
The printed version of the newsletter is called the GRRAND ______.
By the end of 2019 GRRAND will have placed how many thousand dogs?
How many operating steps does it take for GRRAND to rescue and place each dog?
GRRAND's mission is to ____ dogs.
In 2015, GRRAND began rescuing these international dogs. (two words)
Who was the donor of the GRRAND Central Station kennel? (two words)
What is the name of GRRAND's annual fundraiser? (two words)
The e-mail version of the newsletter is called the GRRAND _____.
The first image ever uploaded to Instagram was a picture of this type of retriever?
Labrador retrievers come in how many colors?
Everyone has to fill out one of these to adopt or foster a GRRAND dog.
Goldens rank ______ in the list of the smartest dogs.
What physical attribute of a retriever is among the best of all dog breeds?
People who are compelled to adopt the dog they are fostering are lovingly called Foster ________.
Before an approved adoption, the applicant must have one of these. (two words)
A golden is happiest when he has a toy in his _____.
Two presidents had Golden Retrievers while in office. One was Reagan. Who was the other?
Who has sponsored the GRRAND Affair for many years? (two words)
GRRAND's geographic presence is limited to how many states?
A retriever has this between his toes to help him swim.
GRRAND relies heavily on these people to accomplish all the steps to rescue a dog.
How many eyelids does a dog have?
What kind of homes do many of our rescued dogs live in prior to adoption?
Goldens make excellent rescue, therapy and service dogs because they are easy to _____.
The Pet Station partnership with GRRAND will have this kind of space for our incoming dogs.
The shortened name of this dog breed was originally used as a fishing dog.
What does a retriever use to "steer" in the water?
Spell the last number of the year in which GRRAND was incorporated.