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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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U.S. History 2000-2019

This is President Bush's main reason for starting the Iraq War
Critics say Obama's programs helped big __________ too much.
WMD's are chemical and ____________ weapons
The effort to end Bin Laden's terrorist network was called Operation Enduring _____________
Under Obamacare, people with _____________ conditions had to be insured by insurance companies.
The building in Washington D.C. that was damaged by the attack.
What European country supported The U.S. in the invasion of Iraq?
Terrorist group responsible for the bombing of the World Trade Center
44th president
This building was destroyed in the attack on September 11.
The "No Child Left Behind" policy of George W. Bush set minimum standards for __________
Obama supporters say he helped prevent the second Great __________
This country was allowing AlQAEDA TO live and train within its borders.
The stimulus gave money to states for construction projects and ____________ energy systems
The total number of hijackers on September 11
The intended target of flight 93.
One reason for the attack on the U.S. was that the U.S. supported this country.
Risky loans and the housing _____________ lead to the Great Recession
The individual ___________ required everyone to buy health insurance
The US asked this organization to look for WMD in Iraq, but none were found.
Made money managers more accountable
The Affordable Health Care Act is commonly known as _____________
President Bush and his assistants believed that this man possessed weapons of mass destruction that he would sell to terrorists.
One of the items used to take control of the planes
This new law gave the government broader powers to monitor communication
43rd president
The 911 attack shifted American foreign policy from a focus on communism to a focus on ___________
Bush was criticized for his slow response to Hurricane ____________
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is commonly known as the ___________