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Americans And Their History - 4th Grade

Period of time when the south was rebuilt
The part of the economy in which machines are used to do the work
____ rights are the rights to freedom and equality
Object made by humans
____ War was a rivalry between the United States and Soviet Union
A leader has complete power over a country
Hunted animals and gathered plants for food and traveled around
_____ rights were a belief that each state could solve it's own problems
Settlement ruled by another country
A person who uses violence for political reasons
The planting and growing of crops for food
Someone who represents a group of people
Someone who wants to abolish or end slavery completely
Freedom from rule by others
An area that is governed by a country but is not a state
When a group of people stop doing something or stop going somewhere to protest
A person who is _____ is not free
Break away or officially withdraw
Making goods by machines usually infactories
A change or addition
Belief or custom handed down through generations
Rely on one another for goods, services, or resources
Crossing a continent
Union of states that agree to cooperate
Keeping white people and African Americans apart
A plan of the government
Studies artifacts and sites to learn about ancient people
Advanced technology with computers or other objects
Group of people who are responsible for making country's laws
To approve