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The History of American Film

Author: James Suminski
Filming technique that allowed audience to be within the narrative
Nicknamed “The Master of Suspense,” this British-American director pioneered countless film techniques
In 1947, a group of renowned writers and directors known as The _____ were sentenced to short prison terms for refusing to answer government issued questions relating to Communism
Film era that ended with WWII
"Triple Threat” actor from the 1930s who popularized musical cinema, especially with his legendary tap dancing
The number of major studios in early Hollywood
Movement that brought film and commercialized leisure activities to America
During the Red Scare, over three hundred screenwriters, directors, actors and technical workers were blacklisted by this Committee
1940s film genre that emphasized crime drama through the use of a low key black and white visual style
This style introduced complex story lines into films
Producer of classic drama, Gone With the Wind
The 1990s saw a rise in this type of low budget film production
Contemporary Cinema has been elevated by this film technique over the past 30 years, CGI, for example
This feature was introduced to film in 1927
By 1914, this city produced half of the world’s films
The forefront in movie viewing culture, especially for young people, during the 1950s and 1960s
First type of theater for general public
Famous Jewish, New York director who has written and directed over 50 films
Frank Capra’s quintessential 1930s Hollywood film
This American actor has been nominated by the Academy five times without taking home an Oscar
This genre, became widely popular during the 1970s and was greatly influenced by George Lucas
Quentin Tarantino is known for directing movies such as Django Unchained in this 1960s film style
This world renowned film event celebrated its first annual award ceremony in 1929
Controversial winner of the 1972 Academy Awards Best Picture, directed by Francis Ford Coppola
Charlie Chaplin’s iconic facial hair
Americans demanded this in cinema after films began displaying more shocking content
Columbia, United Artists and ____ were known as the “Little Three” film studios
In 1968, the film industry began to explore more daring, controversial themes due to the introduction of this system
Charlie Chaplin’s first feature length slapstick comedy (1921)
Most distinctive film genre, Stage Coach, for example