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Oklahoma History

President most associated with Indian Removal
Only river in the state that flows Northward
The study of Earth's physical features and how people interact with them
County that is the furthest west
Created a Cherokee alphabet
State bird of Oklahoma
How many geographic regions are in Oklahoma
Highest Point in Oklahoma
America's desire to gain new land and to spread its beliefs and idealism
Traces or remains of living things
Probably the deadliest disease for the Indians after their contact with the Europeans
Largest Lake in Oklahoma
State Motto of Oklahoma
Largest County by Landmass in Oklahoma
State Song of Oklahoma
Discovered the Great Salt Plains in 1811
Allowed Maine to enter the union as a free state and Missouri to enter as a slave state
First Governor of Oklahoma
Only US Town to be bombed during WWII
Famous baseball player from Commerce Oklahoma
Dense region of trees, vines and underbrush in central Oklahoma
One of four mountain ranges that can be found in Oklahoma
First Indian tribe to be encouraged to relocate to Indian Territory
State Rock of Oklahoma
Smallest County by landmass in Oklahoma