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Career Clusters

Teacher: B Thompson
Science, Technology, _________ and Mathematics careers include-civil engineers, electrical engineers, astronomers, archeologists, mechanical engineers, geographer
Careers include- counselors, cosmetologists, clergy, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social worker
_____ and tourism -Careers include chefs, travel agents, gaming managers, tour guides, lodging managers
Law, Public Safety, _____ and Security- Career include- fire inspector, fireman, police, judges, detectives, security guards, lawyers, bailiffs
Careers include- tool and die makers, welders, woodworkers, upholsters, millwrights, technicians, locksmiths,
______and Public Administration - Careers include legislators, political scientists, financial examiners, tax preparers, surveying technicians
____and Training - careers include elementary teachers, high school teachers, librarians, historians, coaches, athletes, interpreters and translators
______ Management and Administration- career include auditors, accountants, economists, financial managers, insurance clerks, budget analysts, cost estimators
__________, Food and Natural Resources - Careers include farmers, animal scientists, fish and game wardens, foresters, food technicians, landscapers, zoologists
______ Technology - Careers include software developer, computer hardware engineers, computer programmers, database administration, computer operators
______Distribution and Logistics - careers include automotive master mechanic,taxi driver, rail yard engineer, shipmates, pilots, air traffic controller
Arts, _____ ____ Technology and Communications - careers include singers, musicians, graphic designer, photographers, choreographers, camera operators, interior designers
Career include- dental hygienists, athletic trainer, massage therapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists, nurse, physician, medical transcriptionist
Careers include - credit analysts, loan officers, insurance appraisers, actuaries, tellers, treasurers and controllers
_____ and Construction careers include architects, heating and air conditioning mechanics, carpenters, electricians, roofers, dry wall and ceiling installers
Careers include appraisers, assessors, cashiers, market research, marketing managers