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American History

Birth place of the hamburger
First coca-cola made here
Pan shaped state above Texas
This state has the only active diamond mine in the U.S.
State with cactus and Ms.Hinds is from here
It's illegal to frighten pigeons from their homes here
This state is the magic capital of the world
Not old but new, hot like jalapeño
State of the grizzly and Canadian bacon
You can go to jail here for cutting down a cactus
This state has the largest ball of twine
Boot shaped state with the Mississippi river running through it
The liberty bell is here
Home of Hollywood and famous people
This state founded the girl scouts
This state has the oldest rock in the world
This state used to be a part of virginia
Busiest state with the third tallest building in New York City
Babe Ruth was born here and it's famous for crabs
The state of cheese and dairy cows
Only state to turn down having the Olympics in their state
Disney world is here and it's the state of oranges
Island in the south pacific with lots of volcanoes
Only state to have their flag designed by a woman