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American Revolution

Sites of the first battles of the American Revolution.
A law passed by the British Parliament which placed a tax on newspapers and legal and commercial documents in the colonies.
A political cartoon created by Ben Franklin showing a snake cut into eight segments. It encouraged people to aid in the rebellion and to work together.
The first constitution signed by the thirteen colonies which created a weak central government.
Laws passed by the British Parliament to punish the colonists after the Boston Tea Party.`
A secret colonial protest group that sparked rebellion in the colonies and fought against unfair taxation was called the ____ of Liberty.
The first ten amendments to the Constitution are called the Bill of _____.
A treaty signed in 1783 by the colonies and Britain which ended the American Revolution.
A group which wanted a strong federal government during the writing of the constitution.
The Proclamation _____ of 1763 set the boundary between the American colonies and Indian territory. It prevented Western expansion of the colonies.
The leader of the anti-federalists who believed in states rights and later became a U.S. President
The belief that the Mother Country or Britain had colonies for the profit of the home country.
The type of government ruled by a king or a queen.
George Washington's push for free speech, no foreign alliances, and no sectionalism or political parties.
Group which wanted a weak central government with strong state governmental rights.
A type of representation where members of the British Parliament had the right to speak for the interests of all British subjects including colonists.
The idea that Britain allowed the colonists to violate its trade laws as long as their profits were high.
Work by Thomas Paine in which he challenged the authority of the British government and the monarchy.
The leader of the Federalist Party and the founder of the Nation's financial system.