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Intro to Law Midterm

Teacher: Susan Middleton-Poole
In equal protection cases, strict scrutiny is applied when the suspect class is national origin or _____
Plaintiff initiates a lawsuit by filing this pleading with the court
Type of actionable imprisonment
The federal government has three branches: the Executive, the Legislative and the _______
A person intending to hurt another person who unintentionally harms another person can be found guilty of battery under the Doctrine of _______ intent.
Threat of immediate harm
Minors and mental incompetents are believed to lack the ______ to enter into contracts
Type of hosts that are liable for injuries caused by guests served alcohol who later cause injury because they are intoxicated
In a civil lawsuit, the plaintiff bears the burden of ____
Under strict liability in tort, all in the _____ of distribution are liable regardless of fault
One function of the law is to shape _____ standards
What Defendant must file after being served the Summons and Complaint by Plaintiff
The omission to do something a reasonable man would do or doing something a reasonable, prudent man would not do is
This requires contracts involving the transfer of interests in land to be written, the Statute of _____
American law comes primarily from English common law which is _____ made law
The US Constitution is the _______ law of the land
Interference with a landowners right to exclusive use of his land is
The executive branch has the power to ______ the law.
The Legislative Branch has the power to ____ the law
A body of rules of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority and having legal force