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Chasing Lincoln's Killer

Where Booth was killed and Harold caught
Where Booth met up with Harold after they got across the Navy Yard Bridge
What the people who went out to hunt down booth and Harold were called
Where President Lincoln was shot
The bridge over the Potomac River that Booth and Harold had to cross
Town that union soldiers learned that Booth and Harold were at the Garrett farm
A nickname southerners used to describe their rivals from the north during the civil war
Last name of the guy that helped Booth and Harold cross a river to get into Virginia
What the Easter right after President Lincoln died was called
Where Booth and Harold hid out for a few days while Jones cared for them
Where President Lincoln was taken after he was shot and where died
River bordering Washington D.C. and Maryland
Where booth first got his leg cared for
State where Booth thought they would be safe if the got to
How many days the chase for Lincoln's killer was