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US History

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Founded by William Penn
Men who joined continental army and state militias.
Created by the Spanish to use Native American laborers.
The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut.
Pontiac's rebellion, End of the 7 years war, End of salutary neglect, Proclamation of 1763.
The first direct tax on the colonists.
50 acres of land per passage paid.
Slave rebellion that took place in South Carolina in 1739.
First used by Martin Luther to print the bible.
Buffer between Spanish in Florida and the British in the Carolina's.
Tobacco, rice, and cotton.
No trial by jury only by an English judge.
Slaves from central and west Africa being transported to the Americas using the middle passage.
Type of preacher during the Great Awakening that moves from place to place
Believed in a strong central government.
Colony under the direct authority of the crown.
Turning point
the taking of men into a military or naval force by compulsion
The first proprietary colony.