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SBDAC History Challenge

National League of Junior Cotillions 
Season II - Challenge Book Pages 15, 26-27
Fort Myers was know for its recreational _________
Mrs. ______Davis donated $1Million dollars towards renovations
In 2020, the Art Center willl have been open ________ years
In the 1960's this building was converted into a Federal ___________
The Art Center is a local ________ for the people of Fort Myers.
The Art Center building was _________ in the 1940's when a new post office was built.
We are indebted to Mr. Griffith's wife, Kara, one of Cotillion's founding ________ Board Members for helping to establish the Cotillion program in SWFL.
When a new courthouse was built this building was left to ___________
The first _______ class at the Art Center opened in 2009 and graduated in 2012
Like most downtown cities, Fort Meyers saw its first _________ go up in the 1920's.
The site where the Art Center stands was once a ________ settlement
In 2008, this building opened to the _______
Over a __________ students have gone through the cotillion program at the Art Center.
In 2003, Jim Griffith spearheaded an effort to purchase the building to use as an ______ Center
___________ are ongoing with plans for a rooftop garden and restaurant
In 1933, the Neoclassic structure that houses the Art Center was built and used as a Post Office. The stone is ________ from the Florida Keys.
The Art Center also houses the Davis School of _________
The Commanding Officer's home was converted into a public ___________ in 1930