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Author: Kyle Hepworth
Ticker test; abbr.
Lexapro, eg.
Drop the ball
Ron when in Mayberry
Places you might find dry rubs, poultices, and wood-fired stoves
Clever marketing term to sell hole-punch detritus?
Wide kerf
"Whoa. Sorry I asked," briefly
Burger company's movie venture, "__ and me"
Elvis's necklace initials
Motion picture
Take, a name
__ class (not much)
The reason for mass, and god to some
Word to clarify celebrity status
Terminal velocity assessments?
Plant seed in the toy aisle?
Organized group activity that seems like a month?
Dissolve in acid
Otter's den
"___ the newlyweds!"
5PM initially, unless you're staying late
Historic regal nickname
Fraction without a slash
Vanilla, rose, and peppermint, to name a few
Word shouted through an old-style megaphone
Sweeney SNL bit that has aged especially poorly
Yoga follower
Bracketed word that might accompany covfefe
Old film channel
Ethereal prefix with plasm or cooler
Thatched-roof dwellings, prone to dragon attacks
'80s icon Mr., next to hip-hop icon Ice, twice (and clue to this puzzle's theme)
Homonym of phenomenon that confounds Bill O'Reilly
Inner circle leak security
Dickensian makeup?
EU nat. that looks angry?
"see 68-across," for example
Shakers or Quakers
Most important night of your life, for teens
First third of a bird word?
Central point in Seattle?
Pee-stick brand
Cute alliterative phrase for a common pet
Company with the highest ratio of commercials to actual product
PC storage with no moving parts
Exclamation to use when someone walks pasta hiding spot?
Trucker's chatroom
Won't be coming in
Note from Dr.? No.
It's pushed to make an indentation
"Wait, that's not fair"
Shoulder cuff
Cat food mascot?
Counterpoint maker
Arrogant designer with crew cut in Beetlejuice
Shoe or knife
Almost a house of laughter, but a little different?
Reddit Q&A
Library sounds
On-stage beginning, and 50-down ending
Word before trailer or beam (both deal in crop circles)
Salmon's foe
Tamagotchis or Nintendogs
Crafty cutter
Succulent treats in the desert isle?
Coloring brand
Communicable illness that appears to be normal? abbr.
Short weekday prayer
Suffix with paleo or pleisto
Catholic rev., or AOL chat
Cap. of Can.
Classic shirt shape
First word in Blume book question