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Georgia History

People who were know as Tories were also called _____.
This is a beginning of a written document explaining why is was made.
What fort became the capital of Georgia?
A colonist who wanted to become free from Great Britain was called a _______.
Georgia had little affect on the making of the U.S.A because it was known as?
No taxation without ________.
Why did the Colonist want to break free and create the U.S.A?
This was a group of five acts issued by the British Parliament to punish the colonist responsible for the tea act.
Who led the Battle of Kettle Creek?
This act put taxes on tea and later ended what is known as The Boston Tea Party.
What fort became the capital of Georgia? (Hint: The word is abbreviated)
The group was established in protest the Stamp Act.
Who was the king of England?
When the Declaration of Independence was made the people added a list of 27 ______.
Which war gave the thirteen colonies their freedom.
Who drafted the Declaration of Independence?
An act made by the British government that taxed paper/ printed documents.
This was one of the three men from Georgia to sign the Declaration of Independence.
The French and Indian War was fought by the French, Indians and ______.
Georgians had a meeting at this tavern on July 27, 1774.