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Between Us

Author: Kyle Hepworth
Ocean slippers
Tabasco's home
Brief text
Walk this way
Anagram of SOLELY you might spray on items from 43-across?
Timothy in a barn
See 2-down
*Over-the-shoulder Giant of baseball
Of Joel and Ethan, Joel
Quadruple threat accomplishment: Abbr.
Reason to take up biking, briefly?
6th, 7th, and 8th words in a children's song
*Extra long and extra wide film star of the '60s onward.
There's a talking one in the bible and Ace Ventura and the White House
Giving 2 cents, initially
Wednesday worshipers?
*Screwball cartoon character who shared a TV show with Chilly Willy
The first step in putting on a hospital gown, informally
Online used goods purveyor
Rice in Charlize Theron's native language
*He pulled his pants down in Mary Poppins, and was otherwise famously tripping over himself.
In 2019 it ends on Nov 3rd: Abbr.
Clothing designer Marc
*1980s sexy TV star always seen in a flashy convertible.
Caramel cup
Letters from inside a cell?
Comment about an increasingly ugly, difficult project?
Southern border of the Caspian Sea
"That is correct" in not so many words
Abandon ashore
With 69-across, Hostess snack and clue to this puzzle's theme answers
With 60-down, a Hostess snack and clue to this puzzle's theme answers
A breakfast food that's only mine. Hands off!
With 17-across, royal name in citrus drink
Eye sore
Powerful bipedal Pokemon
Draw out
Prefix with -phone
Man of Britain
Decision maker
Bravo in Brazil
Plush covering
Slaw sauce, casually
Doing meth.?
Fine, I guess
IMF monetary unit
Gift from your dad?
An all-out nerd argument about who knows more digits?
Georgian college
Radiohead's Yorke and others
Email response you might get when all of Great Britain is on holiday?: Abbr.
This number, for example
Request past
Strip in New York
A grain-named freight vessel, torpedoed in the English Channel in 1918 by a German submarine
Blinged (out)
Business stats, so far
Baddie of Middle Earth
It has GW on one side, Jamestown ships on the other
Denver mintmark. Also, something you might have if you drive a flashy car?
Flanders or Stark
FBI's parent
Current event?
Ice cream vehicle
Sharpen by breaking
Nonsense letters that sound like a character from a Beatles' song?
Nutrition overseeing org.
Geometric donuts
See 69-across
Sudden deaths, initially