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Only the saints first names are used. Many are in the textbook, and others are ones being considered for your confirmation names.
Kidnapped as a boy, he became a missionary to an island with snakes
Her middle name is Ann and her last name is used for a NJ university. She's the first American-born saint
Your sports team might seek his help
Jesus' grandma
Holy Mary of the ___ Conception is the patron of the USA
He served lepers in Hawaii
One guy by this name might say, "Who ya callin' a dumb ox?" Another by the name might say, "I need proof!"
Her name is music to your ears, especially if you sing or play an instrument
Many saints are known for serving this kind of people, whom Jesus blessed in the Beatitudes
Of the ten popes who have served since 1900, this many are saints (spell out the number)
Born a slave in Sudan, she is the patron of that nation
Lightning killed her father and so she blesses bombs and fireworks
A female doctor of the church and the patron saint of Europe
Known for living in the desert... and being lazy?
Patron of nurses
"Lily of the Mohawks," she's the first Native American saint