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Judaism Test Review

Festival of Freedom-commemorating the Israelites exodus from Egypt
They conquered Palestine and profoundly changed Jewish life.
Service to One God, Love of Learning, Performance of good deeds, ethics, decency
He has always been considered a prototype or model of the Messiah,
This is central to this: God, Torah, Israel
Leads congregation in chanting of prayers
From Sundown on Friday until Sundown on Saturday
Commemorates the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948
Circumcision ceremony on 8th day after birth of a Jewish boy
The Chosen People of God
8 day holiday commemorating the fight of the Maccabees for religious freedom
Symbol of Judaism
The many commandments of God were revealed to him. Considered the greatest prophet and the most revered person in Judaism.
Candelabrum with 7 lights
Jewish New Year
Ceremony for becoming responsible for religious obligations.
First destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem
All animals that have split hooves and chew their cud, fish must have fins and scales, no mixing of milk and meat.
The home and the synagogue are considered to be this for Jewish worship,
Forced the Israelites into exile
Orthodox,Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist
Other patriarchs
Ceremony for becoming responsible for religious obligations for girls
Head covering worn as a sign of reverence to God
Hear O Israel, The Lord is Our God, the Lord alone.
Every synagogue has this.
Five books of Moses
Preferred language of prayer
This is part of the wedding ceremony.
Day of Atonement
This is part of a Jewish wedding ceremony. The groom breaks this with his foot. It has a great symbolic significance.
First patriarch
Bridal canopy
Destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem the second time
The movement arising in the late 19th century, that sought to re-establish a Jewish homeland
Prayer of Mourning