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Atoms and their History

Phosphorus is in -- 3 and group 15.
Discovered electrons
Thomson developed the -- pudding model of an atom
Negative particles that surround the nucleus
Dalton's day job at school
Number of protons
Atomic --- is the number of protons.
Neutral particle
How much an atom weighs; rounds to the number of protons and neutrons most common in the nucleus
Thought atoms were solid
Ancient Greek who used the word "atomos"
Group 16, period 2
Left of the "staircase" metalloids are the
Vertical columns of the periodic table
The charge of an --- is neutral
Metal with 29 protons in the nucleus
Positive particles with a mass of one
Element with 17 protons and 18 neutrons
Element with 8 protons in the nucleus
83 protons, 83 electrons
Scientist who discovered the nucleus of atoms
A small positive dense core of an atom
A nonmetal with 16 protons
Dalton thought atoms must be -- and solid.
Name of group 17