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Severe weather

This air mass is warm and wet
This air mass is cold and wet
A long period with little or no rainfall
Thin layer of gas that surrounds the earth
These air masses are hot and dry
A band of high speed winds
An overflow of water in a normally dry area
Extremely fast spinning column of air.
When water vapor turns back into water
This front forms when a cold air mass runs into a warm air mass
A dome of water that sweeps across the coast where the hurricane is traveling
A front that does not move
Any form of water that falls from the sky
This happens when warm air over takes cold air
When a warm air mass gets caught between 2 cold air masses
When a cyclones winds exceed 119 km
Localized storm accompanied by rain, thunder and lightning
A huge body of air
When a liquid turns into a gas
These air masses are cold and dry
This is where 2 air masses meet
Violent disturbance in the atmosphere