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Weather Crossword

When a cold air mass replaces a warm air mass
The influence of earths rotation on objects that move over earth
Instrument that measures the amount of rainfall
When a warm air mass replaces a cold air mass
Blows from East to West and produce snow and freezing rain
Land by the equator
Two places which are the Northern and Southern ends of the axis of rotation
Instrument that measures the temperature
Instrument that measures air pressure
Pressure system that rotates counter-clockwise and contains moist rising air
Form near the equator or where the sun warms the planet the most; little to no wind
Where air masses will meet but do not mix
Narrow belts of high speed winds that blow in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere
Blow from West to East and and produce rain and snow
Pressure system that rotates clockwise and contain sinking dry air
Instrument that measures wind speed
Water by the poles
Result in what causes wind
An imaginary line drew threw earth equally distant from the poles
A large body of air with similar temperature, humidity, and air pressure